8 – To the Persian Front


Baqubah, September 28th, 1917 (W.J Grummett is in the back row, fifht from the right)
2nd Lieutenant W. J. Grummett, Baqubah, Mesopotamia, September, 1917

As the fearfully hot weather began in India that summer of 1917, Will Grummett lay in Belgaum Stationary Hospital, just one of many victims of malaria, among those whom  other diseases and battle wounds had felled. Typically,  military hospitals were open ward type, with as many and perhaps more than 50 men to a large room and only the occasional folding screen to provide some temporary privacy. For the first few weeks I doubt Will took much notice. Malaria produces alternating periods of high fever and chills accompanied by intense whole body pain, convulsions, vomiting and diarrhea.  The fever can be so high and sustained that it causes delirium. The danger was that this may lead to a coma and then, in most cases, death. Continue reading “8 – To the Persian Front”