4 – A Gentleman Officer

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2nd Lieutenant, W.J. Grummett, 10th Norfolk Regiment, 1916, shortly after receiving his commission, pose 1, hat on.

In the late winter of 1916, as the Eaton Motor Machine Gun Brigade headed for France without him,  Will Grummett began Officer’s Training. I wonder if he tried to reverse the whole process? Knowing what he did about the military, I am sure that, while he may have thought about it, he thought better of it, and simply got on with the business of trying to become an officer in the British Army.

By February of  1916, officer candidates in the British Army were being assigned to Training Battalions as part of a new program. The duration of the training was four and one half months. Details regarding the curriculum could not be found nor could the exact training location. It would seem Will entered the program as one of the first of the Officer Training Battalion classes just as they began in February of 1916 (The Long, Long Trail: The British Army in the Great War of 1914-1918 website). Upon graduation, four and one half months later, Will was given a probationary commission as a 2nd Lieutenant.  This last fact was duly recorded in the London Gazette on July 7, 1916. Continue reading “4 – A Gentleman Officer”